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from slavery.
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you were born into slavery
like our ancestors we are subject to a servitude we never agreed to. our biggest gain since feudal times, the right to vote for representatives, is corrupted beyond hope; the average u.s. congressperson takes over $235,000 in influence money for every vote she casts, the president collects over $3,000,000 for every law he signs.
occupy the irs
our modern form of revolution - protest - raises awareness but does not change the system. this is because tyranny does not rely on your opinion to continue - it only requires your money.
though tax systems are designed to extract money from the apathetic they can be reconstructed into an instrument of liberation for all of us.
games have rules
whether or not you believe in tax laws it is neither prudent nor necessary to break them. the tax code is written by vested interests and they have created strategies that can be used by all of us.

The taxKilla Online Guide helps you create legal business entities that remove you from the slaughter line of wage earners. if you have expenses for automobiles, gasoline, computers, phones, or travel - and the gumption to do something - you will substantially lower your taxes.
step by step with taxKilla (us$20)

1 create a free, simple tax entity

2 tally your expenses eg: travel, electronics, automobile

3 complete irs forms with detailed line by line instructions
taxKilla + personal help (us$45)

includes .5 hrs of anonymous, personal help with the guide
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