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personal care
you always have a personal contact at bigredwire. your own member service advisor is permanently assigned to you; he/she will introduce themselves immediately after you join.
old school calling
brw combines traditional, direct dial long distance with web based account management. dial 1+ from your telephone and enjoy dedicated fiber optic quality connections.
easy billing
automated credit card payments save time and keep your tongue away from icky stamps. your card is charged once per month and any time your balance owed exceeds $25.
we try to make every interaction a joy. whether it's member submitted artwork on your monthly account update+>, trendscending tidbits from our 5 memes department, or the hi jinks of our mascots, you'll uncover the primary side effect of using bigredwire: happiness.
long distance rates
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the lowest long distance rates in the market

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bigredwire rates are 24-7 and there are no connection surcharges.

no other charges

that's it. there are no fees, obligations, or minimum spending requirements. all you pay for are call charges and +>taxes+>.

free calls to other members

$5 in free calls every month. you can even make free calls to family or friends that aren't members yet by sending them a brw invitation. calls are credited retroactively after they accept.
sorry, bigredwire long distance service is not available for residents of alaska or hawaii. tell me when it is->
  long distance rates
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