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how are my calls connected?
bigredwire uses first tier traditional telephone networks to deliver your calls. to use our service simply pick up the phone and dial 1 + area code and number. we do not use the internet to carry telephone calls.

are there any other charges?
no, just your calls and taxes. there are absolutely no other brw charges or minimum spending requirements.

how long does it take to switch my long distance service?
your service is typically changed over within 5 days. we'll let you know if there is any problem.

how is customer service provided?
well trained bigredwire member service advisors are here to help you with any question or problem via email and live chat. a pair of member service advisors are permanently assigned to you; they'll introduce themselves immediately after you join.

please note your local telephone company may charge you a fee for switching long distance carriers.

what obligation is there?
none, you can cancel at any time.

what happens if i don't use my m2m credits?
if they are not used for calls to members or successful invitees they expire upon your monthly statement and a new allowance starts.

is there an alternative to credit card payment?
electronic payments are the most efficient way to process accounts and are the easiest way for member to pay their bills. naturally we pass on the savings (and keep our relationship stamp-free).

after you join us you may wish to change to automated payments from your checking or savings account (we do need a valid credit card to establish your account). just go to your personal data page to change your payment source.

please remember that bigredwire always <guarantees> the safe use of your payment source.

when will my card be charged?
on the monthly anniversary of your join date and any time your balance exceeds $25. your monthly bulletin reminds you about upcoming payments and gives you an opportunity to change your payment source.

how do you offer sustainable value?
quality saves money. by creating a superior experience for our members we save on the two highest costs in the telecom industry: customer service and marketing. happy members tell their friends.

can i just register for the brw calling card?
sorry the brw away team card is only available to members registered for our telephone line based long distance service.

do you provide toll free inbound service?
sorry we don't offer inbound 800 numbers (of course you can call toll free numbers).

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