doc says:


"telecom is really about the efficient management of data - so orders are processed quickly, customer service works effectively, and millions of transactions are processed without error every day."

"thus bigredwire is about intelligence. our technology has created a unique environment based on advanced data management and quality interfaces. this allows us to integrate with our suppliers and customers on every possible level."

"our systems provide higher satisfaction and lower costs, delivering value to our customers and profits to our company."


"profits? technology? you poor thing, don't you realize what's really going on here? bigredwire is about relationships. everything you're talking about just enables us to connect with our members, and our members to connect with each other. you are talking about means, not ends."

"quality is an expression of affection, for the work you do and the people you are doing it for. and this integration that you value so much, don't you realize that its the same thing as love? we are here to love."

chuck says:

"i love sandwiches, what are we-> having for lunch?"
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